Sunday, November 14, 2010

Promising Practices Conference

             Promising practices conference was an interesting experience. Many people attended it was a mixture of  students and teachers.  My first session was A.L.L.I.E.D which stands for Advanced Learning Leadership Initiative for Education Diversity.  In this session I was a presenter. We had to state our major, how long we have been attending A.L.L.I.E.D and why we continue coming back.  I felt extremely nervous. We spoke about what would you do scenarios having to do with racism ways we as teachers could deal with it. We also had people read about why they like A.L.L.I.E.D and . One of the scenarios that stuck out to me was about a girl who i believe was black had to do a group project with a kid and he happened to be white and they both got different grades if he got a B+ she would get a B- even thought they did the same amount of work. She never said anything because she was afraid of how the teacher would react.  Another was about a girl who was gonna get a placement to teach and made a comment saying "I hope they don't place me in Providence because I just got a new car." On a positive people love A.L.L.I.E.D because we can be who we are. I enjoy A.L.L.I.E.D because its like a second family to me i can express myself and not be judged.
       My second session was confusing I dont know what it has to do with teaching. It was called Learning with a Difference. The lady made us look at objects memorize them than after write what we remember on paper. then after we had to make a map of  RIC which i did but would confuse a stranger. I didnt get that one. The keynote speaker i felt really wasnt talking to the younger crowd  just the older people. H also spoke to much to be honest he lost me after a while i couldnt focus anymore.
   heres a video i found interesting.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I hope I'm doing this right. but i picked this video because it shows how from an early age children are pushed to do what society considers a mans job or woman's job in school.  there was another video i saw that had little children talk about gender roles. They are young and already have the stereotype. I read this article that stood out to me it talks about how the boys are praised more than girls. there is a quote that stood out to me b ecause its happened to me numbers of times
 "When different behavios are tolerated for boys than for girls because "boys will be boys" schools are perpetuating oppression of females."  
When i was younger i liked to play fight with the boys and each time when it was only the boys the teachers were ok with it but the minute i began to play i would get introuble because the teacher didnt consider it lady like.

Sorry i wasnt able to figure out hoe to display my video like others but i hope linking them helps.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tim Wise

Tim Wise talks about how racism and how some people think that because Obama was elected things are better. this isn't the case. there are many things that need to change before we can say things are equal. the election was sothings like school systems, SCWAAMP, SCWAAMP is what really needs to be changed. i like how Nessa used the videos of the dolls to help prove the point.

Tim Wise M

Tim Wise talks about how racism and how some people think that because Obama was elected things are better. this isn't the case. there are many things that need to change before we can say things are equal. the election was sorta like a step with a real long way to go. Before we can consider anything equal  things like school systems, SCWAAMP, SCWAAMP is what  needs to be changed. He also brings up  the way Obama dresses and speaks and it makes him seem more advanced than a person of color. We have a long way to go. I thought that we were making progress and after watching the videos that Nessa put up shows me that we aren't close to where i thought we were.   I like how Nessa used the videos of the dolls to help prove the point.

in class i would like to talk things we can do to help fix this problem

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This article talks about service learning and how we should learn from it as we do it. In the school i graduted from we had to do service learning as a requirment every year the number got higher. some of my classmates didnt really learn anything from it so they say but i learned alot from it. i learned to appreciate what i have because alot of people dont have what i am blessed with. one thing in the article reminded me of the one thing i do every thanks giving weekend " For Thanksgiving this year my stepmother and I helped serve the seniors their Thanksgiving dinner. This was a very rewarding experience helping others in need. It seemed that the dinner was something special to them; it was a chance for them to get together with their peers. Many don't have families in the area and are all alone for the holidays. This made it a little less lonely, which feels great. Thank you for giving me the chance to help!" When a person does service learning they learn that they are more greatful for what they have. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us

             Argument- This author Linda Christensen argues that from young we are molded by television and children stories. One kiss of her students states "when we read children's books we aren't just reading cute little stories, we are discovering the tools with which a young society is manipulated." These cartoons and stories we read to our children shows them how society wants us to be. they show the children stereo types and what people should feel is more important like money in Duck tales, which before this reading i didn't realize their was anything wrong with it. The author talks about the cartoons Disney makes and how there are not any person of color playing the lead role. The person of color is almost always some type of servant. When you watch a Disney cartoon you also see how the make characters look how people are stereo types for example a black character always has bigger hips and body. She also talks about how this needs to be stopped and parents should pick what their children watch wisely.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aria written Richard Rodriguez

ReflectionThe reading didn't take me long to read. The way Richard learned English wasn't in my opinion the right way to go about it. They should of done it in a different way such as tutoring. Growing up I was taught to speak three languages. My dad spoke to us in English and in my native language Garifuna since I am from Guatemala, and from my mom we learned Spanish.I personally have not experienced what Richard has gone through.
  This piece does make me think about the students i attended school with and didn't speak English well. it isn't an easy position to be in. It was interesting to see the parents just drop what they knew to help teach the children English. Something I would have done is continue installing what they already know but add this new language into their everyday life.